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Move Beyond Burnout
& Into Your Vital Body

You can have success without burnout or chronic stress, and the body is your most powerful asset for achieving your next level of fulfillment.

I work with high achieving leaders who are approaching burnout, or at risk of burnout.

This often shows up as pushing through stress related pain, not being able to turn-off an anxious mind, or feeling like you can never stop.

I help you recharge and move into states of energetic calm, health and vitality so you can have success without constant stress.

Body Mind Alchemy
In this personalized 90-min introductory session, you'll shift from states of chronic stress & anxiety, into a state of physical, mental & energetic calm.

You'll leave feeling energized and at ease with body-mind practices to guide you in moving forward.

"Working with Ashley has been life changing, and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with physical pain, and emotional blocks or traumas." -J. Brown

Your Vital Body
Build a strong foundation! In this personalized 90-day foundations program, you'll unlearn the patterns of an anxious mind & armored body. You'll learn to navigate the workings of your inner world to change your emotional responses to anxiety, chronic stress & tension.

Regulate your nervous system through body-mind practices, and aligning your energy with the habits and beliefs that support your health, healing and expansion.

”I am listening to and trusting my whole body, which is something I’ve never felt safe to do before.

I no longer feel stuck because now I trust myself to make decisions that are best for me, even if it leaves someone else disappointed.” -K. Ochs

Your Vital Body Expansion
Come alive & move freely through life! In this personalized 6-month transformation, you'll begin by strengthening your foundation through the Vital Body Method.

Then you'll move into energetic expansion to align your inner world with your outer reality so that you move beyond survival mode & step into thriving on the daily because all the little things in life become more satisfying!

“I've not felt so generally grounded and healthy in several years, Ashley. I attribute that to the work I've done with you.
When I start to feel out of flow, I know how to pay attention, to reset whatever needs resetting, and things go better with more energy and results." -Anne S.

Ashley DePaulis, MPH

Hi, I'm Ashley, your Body Alchemist! Aka your embodiment coach. One of my superpowers has always been letting the kid within win— a childlike curiosity, along with the ability to laugh in the face of adversity has guided me through challenging times.

After a near death experience at 19 years old, I spent 15 years living in the shadows of PTSD without even knowing it. Trapped inside an anxious mind and armored body, I was reacting to life from a place of stress and fear. Until I started my healing journey in 2013, and learned that the body tells a story.

With a background in kinesiology, integrative physiology & behavioral health, I was able to feel my way through the healing process using my subtle senses, and deepen into my body's wisdom. I trained my body and mind to respond differently, and in doing so built a calm & resilient nervous system. I no longer live to exhaust myself through work or physical activity just so I can slow down enough to relax.

Today, I help other high performing women move beyond burnout and into a Vital Body so they can align with their next level of fulfillment.

Inside the Vital Body Method, I teach you how to activate your body’s natural healing state for growth and expansion by feeling, processing and understanding the energy being expressed through your body. Shifting you from states of burnout, chronic stress & anxiety, into states of physical, mental and energetic calm.

I believe that when the kid in you wins, you deepen the trust & love you have for yourself, and this is when guiding yourself to your next level becomes effortless.

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